It Makes Sense To Use Spray Urethane Foam Insulation

When it comes to choosing the insulation material insulation for your house, there are many different options to choose from. Each type of insulation that’s available has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. No matter which type of insulation you ultimately use, it must be installed properly and enough used to get the results and value you'd like. Whether you use spray urethane foam, baffles, blown cellulose, or rigid foam, cost will one of the determining factors when you make your choice.

There are several distinct advantages to using spray urethane foam. Not only is it energy efficient, it's also very affordable. It's easy to install whether you are doing a retrofit, new construction, or insulating an existing construction. It is ideal for use on stairs, loft, or roof areas. Even though the initial investment may be higher than some of the other insulation types, it will save you money over the long run because of its efficiency. Depending on the type you use, you may be able to get an Energy Star Credit, which saves you even more money. Properly insulating your home is one of the best ways, aside from using solar energy, to save money on heating your home.

Spray Urethane Foam

Today, there is a type of spray urethane foam insulation available that is made from soy beans and considered to be green or environmentally friendly. This product contains none of the chemicals that contribute to the depletion of the ozone. This alone is a very good reason to consider this type of insulation on your home. Additionally, it is considered to be one of the healthiest insulation options.While spray urethane foam serves as an air barrier, filling all the nooks and crannies, it's also an excellent sound insulator. It also helps keeps dust and pollen outside, where it belongs. The somewhat rigid layer it creates adds additional strength to the structure. Unlike some of the other kinds of insulation, spray urethane foam won't settle and lose its R value.

When spray urethane foam is used to insulate an attic, it gives you more usable space in the area because it uses less space than other insulation options. It will help keep attic temperatures at safe and reasonable levels, and helping the fans make it a bit less hot up there.

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