Radiant Barrier Wrap: A True Space Age Product For Everyday Use

The truth is that you probably hear all the time about some super space age material that was used in the NASA program and is now tailored to work in your home. While that is a very familiar line, few products actually live up to the billing. However, if you are interested in keeping the warm air in your home and the cold air out this Winter season, then you will want to use an actual NASA approved product known as a Radiant Barrier Wrap.

The question you may be asking yourself is what exactly is a Radiant Barrier Wrap. If you have ever seen a foil like material used on space missions or satellites or anything of that nature then you have seen this wrap. It is basically a thin foil that is specially designed to keep cold air out as it is a barrier and it insulates the inside. If it can protect space vehicles from -200 degrees in space, just think of what this material can do for your home.

Radiant Barrier Wrap

Not only is Radiant Barrier Wrap a super easy product to install in your home or business, it also has an excellent fire rating as well. This is a very important feature in the unwanted but possible scenario that a fire breaks out in your home. In addition to being an excellent heat barrier and having good fire ratings, and being extremely easy to install, it is cheap as well. With the price of this barrier insulation typically coming in at around $0.10 per square foot, you likely will not find a cheaper way to either insulate or add on to your existing insulation. In any event, you will not be spending much money for this very effective new product.

Not only is Radiant Barrier Wrap insulation a great value, but it adds value to a building. It keeps heat inside a building rather than escaping out and this not only keeps your building comfortable, but it lowers your energy bills. Regardless of what you are aiming for, more comfort, lower heating bills, or like in most cases, a fair amount of both, this barrier wrap offers all of that and even more.

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