Specific Uses For Double Bubble Foil Insulation

In the specific instances where you are looking to insulate materials such as a water heater, metal and commercial buildings, stud walls, roofing systems, basements, and crawl spaces where reflectivity is unusually high only Double Bubble Foil Insulation is recommended. Thankfully it is still an easy process for installation and comes in the usual 300 and 500 square foot rolls in 4, 5, 6 and 8 and 10 foot widths can be ordered as well.

The beauty of the Double Bubble Foil Insulation is that not only is the insulation just as easy for a residential or non-commercial material but it is just as lightweight. Of course it is recommended for the high r value thermal levels and is fire retardant to a number of specifications. What may make the most sense for this type of product is the money and energy saved.

Double Bubble Foil Insulation

The patented shield that comes with the Double Bubble Foil Insulation offers a unique reflector as well as re-radiate quality. The reflector of the long wave radiant heat is capable of reflecting approximately 95% of the heat that strikes it. Compare the re-radiate that captures 5% of the heat it comes in direct contact with to that of 90% of the comparable commercial brand products.

As with any insulation make sure that you measure carefully before you begin. Check the area thoroughly and repair any damaged area prior to the insulation as well to achieve maximum benefit of your materials. The insulation barrier works best when it is able to be laid according to the specifications of the product you choose. For taping cautions always used approved materials for your jobs. Certain commercial products such as duct tape may do irreparable damage to your materials so only use approved reflective aluminum tape.

No insulation job is particularly daunting if you work with the right type of materials. Such materials as the Double Bubble Foil Insulation is a material that is particularly easy to work with, inexpensive in comparable products and will get you the results that you are looking for in the space that requires the extra type of insulating materials.

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Foam Board Insulation Installations

By Hassan Ouda
Foam board insulation installations are easy fixes to energy saving programs that you'd like to partake in, either at the city or county level of your property. If you're interested in tax credits, or cash reimbursements for energy saving installations on your house, foam boarding is a great way to realize and achieve these. Or if you're just interested in cooling down your house, foam boarding is an easy, inexpensive way to do this.

How to Insulate Under Your Hardwood Floors

By Nazima Golamaully
If you love those old traditional two story homes with all the natural hardwood flooring, but hate the fact that they are always very cold in the winter and hot in the summer, you'll be glad to know that there is a solution to your problem. By adding some cheap insulation to back side of the flooring can eliminate this problem for good. Not only will it eliminate the coldness, but it will also serve as a form of sound proofing barrier.