A Look At The Different Types Of Insulation

Insulation is used to serve a number of purposes including slowing down the flow of sound, electricity, or heat. It is used in residential and commercial building to prevent heat loss or gain from the surrounding area. Even appliances such as heaters, freezers, and refrigerators use insulation technology. While insulating products are widely used, it is primarily used in residential homes. A well insulated home also requires less maintenance because the structure is not subjected to extreme temperature changes when the weather conditions change. Additionally, such a home will use less energy for heating and cooling, resulting in significantly lower utility bills than a home that is not properly insulated.

There are many types of insulations that are commonly used to make a home more comfortable and energy efficient. Some of the common types of insulation are rolled insulation with R 38 or 49 ratings, expanding foam insulation, thermax insulation, radiant barrier wrap, spray urethane foam, foil bubble insulation, and double bubble foil insulation. There are products that are made specifically for use in the attic such as attic insulation baffles and the attic door insulator. Each of these products have benefits and drawbacks, but with so many options fairly easy to find the right insulator for your home.

Attic Baffles, Foil Bubble, Radiant Barrier

Even though the cost of spray foam insulation is higher than some of the other products, it is well worth the price. Not only is it easy to use, but its very effective in a variety of application. It can be sprayed into otherwise inaccessible cracks and crevices, making them airtight. Spray foam insulators typically last longer than other types and keeps bugs outside where they belong.

Homeowners that want to install the chosen product themselves can find a variety of videos online that demonstrate exactly how to complete the job. Many do-it-yourselfers prefer one of the foil bubble products because its very easy to install. There is no need to wear protective clothing as you'd have to when using fiberglass products. Those people that aren't interested in installing insulation themselves can hire any reputable contractor to do the job. Regardless of who installs it, make sure your home is properly insulated.

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Why Would You Choose Closed Cell Foam Insulation?

By Lee Andersons
There is more than one benefit that you would be able to get out of using the closed cell insulation in comparison to the open cell foam. The use of the closed cell foam insulation is one of the solutions to having cold air blocked from entering you home; this is also, what stops the convection currents.

When to Choose Expanding Foam Insulation

By Allen Taigom
Insulation is an important material in your home; there are many different types on the market today including expanding foam insulation. The question is when and where do you use this type of insulation? Are there risks? Moreover, is it truly worth the expense to install it in your building or home? These are all valid questions, ones which will be addressed below.